Monday, December 14, 2009

O Christmas Tree

"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,
How crowded are your branches! 
At least the ones down by the floor;
the little boys kept adding more. 
O Christmas tree, O Christmas Tree,
how crowded are your branches."


Oh, the Christmas spirit is alive and well in the Anderson/Hoffman household.  Santa's helpers have decorated the tree and then the obsessive/compulsive Mrs. Clause had to move some of the decorations around - there was a huge cluster of ornaments at "elf" level.   

I hate to admit it, but our tree actually looks kinda nice this year.  Not a bad selection by Mr. Clause and his elf helpers yesterday.  Sorry, Mrs. Clause was shopping and did not get any photos of the annual hacking of the tree.


  1. Remi hangs at elf level too. It's cute and I end up moving them too. They are so cute in their Santa hat and reindeer horns!!! It looks like a beautiful tree!!

  2. It may be crowded-but it's still lovely!

  3. that was very well put.....and freaking adorable.....i just love kids. they are so stinking cute......