Sunday, December 13, 2009


Christmas lights, that is!  The town of Marshfield, which is about 7 miles from my home, has a Christmas light wonderland every year.  It is so beautiful, I even forget how much I hate winter.  It gets better and better every year as they add more and more scenes and lights.

They decorate the whole zoo area - wrap lights up the trees, light the walkways, have North Pole scenes up everywhere, and have Santa himself in a little cabin for the kids to visit

  You can drive thru it and also walk - we do both.  The cost is just a bag of canned goods, or a small monetary donation of your choice.  When you drive, you tune  your radio on and they have the lights synchronized with the music - way cool!   

This year was the best for Levi and Noah.  It was not as cold as in years past, the crowd tonight was minimal, and they were old enough to walk most of it on their own.  They loved it.  We took my Saturday son, Kaleb, with us also.  He loves to tag along every year.  We always hit McDonald's after wards too, so that was a big hit for the little guys also.

These pictures just don't do justice to the beauty of the lights.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Follow the Light, Christ.

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  1. Looks beautiful!

    This is something I'll bet the kids will look forward to every year.

    Love those family traditions!