Friday, December 4, 2009


Souper - not super!  It is definitely winter now - snow outside and cold.  I'm not a winter lover - no secret there.  But I do love soup!  Soup is good.  Soup is comforting.  Soup is for dinner tonight!   I am serving Stuffed Pepper Soup tonight. 


Now, I did not know this until a few years ago, but apparently Stuffed Peppers are not a mid-west thing, at least not something the Anderson family makes.  I grew up with a family that made stuffed peppers.  As a child, I would gag and be very disappointed if my mother sat them on the table.  I would eat the meat out of the pepper shell and hope my dad would not make me eat the green slimy thing they called peppers.  Now that I'm older, I appreciate green and slimy and have grown to love stuffed peppers.   Stuffed peppers turned into soup - awesome!
 Can you tell Dan is thrilled?  Actually, he does like this soup too (at least he says he does).

The first time I ever heard of this soup was when I ate at Hoss' Steak and Sea House (another East coast thing).  I thought it was excellent.  Then a friend of mine, Anita, told me she makes this every Christmas for her son.  She shared her recipe with me and now I'll share it with you.

2 lb. lean ground beef
3 large green peppers
1 large sweet onion
2 cans 14 oz. beef broth
1 large can crushed tomatoes
2 small cans tomato sauce
1 1/2 cups cooked rice
Seasonings:  salt, pepper, sugar (to cut the acid), thyme, and basil

Cook beef, peppers and onions.  Mix all other ingredients together in your soup pot, except the rice.  Boil. Reduce heat.  Cover and simmer 30 minutes.  Add rice and heat through.  Serves 10.

Now, the only thing I do differently is that I add my rice after the initial boil.  I think the rice absorbs much more flavor when cooked together with the other ingredients.  Tonight, I did not want to dirty another pan by cooking my rice first, so I added more liquid to the soup and added my brown rice dry - worked just fine because I cooked it all afternoon.   This soup definitely tastes good the first day, but will improve much more the next day.  Another tip-add shredded mozarella on top of each bowl before serving, along with some homemade bread.

Do you have a favorite soup???  Please share!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  The best ideas often start as a single, simple thought.


  1. This sounds really good!! My boys probably wouldn't like it but Adam and I would and I could take it to school for lunches. I am going to try it out. Thanks for all of your delicious recipes!!! I get tired of the same old things and love when I find something we have never had before!!!!!! Keep up the great work.

  2. Yes-This sounds really yummy!

    This summer we had some peppers from the garden to use up and I really didn't want to turn the oven on so I kinda made this except less liquid. I called it stove top stuffed pepper casserole-or something like that. It was pretty good.