Friday, December 11, 2009


I love my life, I love my husband and I love my boys.  Yet, for some reason I cannot bring myself to love winter.  The shorter days, the cold, the snow, being inside all the time.  I am a summer-lover.  Here are some pictures from happier summer days.  
(For those of you who love winter, please come to Wisconsin and visit me; there is lots of snow - I miss you guys!)


  1. I love all your pics. You know-if I had two little rambunctious boys and was stuck inside or had to put all that snow gear on them to take them out-I think I would dislike winter too.

    Spring will be here soon (I know-not soon enough.)


    PS-I'm still 41 for a day or so!

  2. Yes, I love winter, but these pictures do make summer look very enticing!!!!! Miss you much. I posted on Holly's blog that I wish we could all celebrate the big "42" together. But I think of you often and probably talk to you more now than ever so I am truly thankful for that!!!

  3. hello there...i love your posts. guess what.....????? i made stuffed pepper soup last was delish. and guess what i am making now? white trash. i made chex mix last night adn then today i was reading out my cupboards, found a bag of white choc.. thought....ooooh i have left over chex, pretzels adn i found some cheerios and m and i go.....going to get the trash out.......LOL.....

  4. Holly, Happy birthday today - now you're as old as Dawnie and me!
    Dawnie-yes, I wish we could celebrate it all together. We'll have to plan to be together sometime during these 2 weeks when we turn the BIG 50.
    Jodie-you go girl. You'll love the trash!