Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well, Christmas is over and the decorations have all been put away for another year.  It is rather depressing to me.  I mean, we spend so much time decorating, planning, baking, shopping, and wrapping.  Then, in a heartbeat - it is over!  I like the colorful decorations, and the house looks rather bland when they are all put away.  Winter is so long with nothing to look forward to, so what's a girl to do?

One of my BFF, Dawnie, likes to decorate for Valentine's Day.  So several years ago, I decided to start decorating for it too.  I know it is not a big holiday, and if you are single, it can be downright depressing (I'm thinking back to my jr. high years when no one sent me a carnation in school-sniff sniff).   Having a special occasion to plan for and to decorate for makes it a little brighter.  We don't spend much money, but I do get all my boys something little, and I try to make cut out sugar cookies and have a special meal that day.  Dan and I may go out if we get a sitter, but otherwise, that's about it.  

I put up some decorations the last couple of days and the house looks happy.   I brought this skinny pencil tree up from the basement.  Dan does not like this tree, but he's gracious enough to tolerate it for my sake :-).   I put some clear lights on it and it looks so nice and makes me so happy when I look at it.

I made this wreath this afternoon with some dollar tree stuff.  I thought it turned out okay.  And here are some more hearts and LOVE hanging from the pine garland (which I keep up all year) in the doorways.  I cut these out on my Cricut machine and made hooks using floral wire.  The window clings I made on the Cricut too with some scrap vinyl.


  1. Oh-everything looks so cute.

    I love your LOVE and I like how there are holes for the hooks! Those Cricut machines are the bomb!

    I have to have lights and some decor to look at too. It just makes me feel better!☺

  2. PS-I decorate for Valentine's day because of Dawnie too!

  3. Oh, I'm so flattered. Thanks to you and Holly. Now this is sad because you both have decorated and I haven't. Adam said he is going to kill you both because he is going to have to bring the "dreaded" decorations up from the basement. HE doesn't mind me decorating but hates to drag totes up and down. Love your decorations, Rhonda. They are cheery and beautiful!!! Lookout Adam!!!

  4. I decorate for valentines day too but not because of Dawnie... :P...I like pink and red stuff!

  5. Now from seeing your decorations and Holly's I'm gonig to have to decorate this weekend.

  6. I still have my Christmas tree up! Teeheehee...