Saturday, December 5, 2009


Today was "visit Santa in Spencer" day!  Levi was excited all week, and Noah was not too sure about it.  He saw pictures of himself crying on Santa's lap last year and he kept saying that when he saw Santa "me cry".  However, it turned out that he was very excited to see Santa after all.  After shaking Santa's hand when he first arrived, they got to sit on his lap and tell Santa and Mrs. Clause they wanted BIG dinosaurs for Christmas.  They got a bag of goodies from the jolly old elf too.  Then we ate a cheap lunch at the kids' center, and got to go on a horse-pulled wagon ride.  It was an awesome morning and one that makes me feel so good about the holidays!   

Just wanted to share some magic with all of you!  Having little ones around sure does bring out the "Merry" in "Merry Christmas".  Here are some memories of the older two boys from Christmas' past.  This was taken at my grandparent (Nulph's) home.  The memories of Christmas Eve at their home bring tears to my eyes, especially since Grandpa is gone now.  Some of my greatest childhood memories are of waiting there for Santa each Christmas Eve.  I'm glad Ty and Tanner got to enjoy that when they were little too.

Doesn't Tanner look like Noah in that picture of him wrapped up in tinsel?  
Christmas time is especially hard on me and the older boys.  Kevin passed away just a few days before Christmas and somehow the sadness of his death is intermingled with every holiday icon and decoration I see.  However, having Levi and Noah and seeing their joy this time of year helps to heal some of the sadness.  Thank God for the little ones in our lives!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. 


  1. Wrapped up in tinsel? that sure looks like Tyler..

  2. No, the little guy "wrapped" up is Tanner - I should it to Tanner and he thought it was Noah for a second too - until you see our old dining room in the background.

  3. The boys seem so happy to see Santa-so cute!

    It's really neat how Levi kind of looks like Ty and Noah looks like Tanner.

    I think of you guys alot with it being hunting season and knowing it was this time of year that Kevin passed away. Thank God for Dan and the little ones!

  4. Ah, these are sweet!! Your boys all resemble you alot!! I know this has to be a hard time for you. I'm glad you are finding joy through the little ones even though it is bittersweet. Thanks for the great pix. I have to ask who played Santa at your Grandparents?

  5. Dawnie, I have no idea who played Santa when I was a little girl, but in more recent years, it was played by my dad, Sheldon Smith, Julie's husband-Heath, and my brother.