Thursday, December 17, 2009


In loving memory of Kevin Hoffman who passed from this life 6 years ago this week (Dec. 20).  He was a wonderful Christian, husband, friend, and father.  He is sadly missed by many and we look forward to our reunion someday in heaven.

It's weird, how all the pictures above have dead animals in them.  Guess you know what Kevin liked to do!

I had Rev. 14:13 engraved in his tombstone.  "Blessed are they who die in the Lord. . .".


  1. Yes-he is sadly missed by all of us here.

  2. I do miss him. i miss him being a part of your family. and the boys.........but so happy you have found love again, and a wonderful man to step into theirs and your lives. its just seems so final, but yet its not.....until we all see him heaven. God bless you. love you...

  3. These pictures show Kevin as a great father and hunter. What they don't show was something I remember with a smile. He had a really fun sense of humor - the sneak up on zinger kind! Being a little spacy sometimes, I remember being the target for some of those zingers...
    Thinking of you and so thankful that God had Dan just for you.
    : )

  4. it is hard to belive it has been that long i know that sounds weird coming from a person who didnt really know him as well as most but when i did it was great

  5. Thanks, Ryan. It is so nice of you to comment on here. How are you?