Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve Menu

I have to say how much I miss not having to cook anything for the holidays!  I guess I'm lazy :-).  When I lived in Pennsylvania, we were invited so many places for the holidays, that I usually ended up only making an appetizer or dessert - sometimes just some cookies!   I figured when my kids grew up and left home, that would be my time to do all the cooking and invite everyone to my home.  My how times have changed!  I now do A LOT of cooking - sometimes most of it!  I guess that's okay - just different from what I was used to.

We invited Dan's parents over for Christmas Eve again this year.  I am making lasagna.  Does that sound dull and boring?  I figure we had turkey for Thanksgiving, and my sister in law is making a ham for Christmas (yeah I don't have to cook on Christmas).  Dull or not, lasagna it is!  I will make some homemade bread, green beans with bacon and onion, and a peanut butter cup pie for dessert.  I am making some appetizers as well - Tanner requested a shrimp cocktail ring, and I think I'll wrap some water chestnuts with bacon.  Oh, and I made slush to drink.

I'll share my slush recipe with you if you share your holiday menus with me!  I need inspiration!  

1 thawed can orange juice concentrate

1 thawed can lemonade concentrate (tried limeade this year)

1 cup strong tea
3 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup sugar
mix it all together.  Put it in a large bowl with a lid.
Place in freezer.   Several times in the first 12 hours,
stir and scrap sides.  It looks like "slush".
After it has frozen, it is ready to serve.
Take 1-2 ice cream scoops of slush and place in a glass.
Pour 7 up, Sprite, Ginger Ale, etc., over the top of it.
It is quite tasty and won't get you arrested if you need to drive
home after your party!

I put a sign on my microwave to remind myself I need to stir my slush!

Please share those menus!

For Christmas day, my sister in law invited us down.  She is having ham and asked me to make Snickers Salad.  How deceiving is that - anything with salad in the title should be low cal and WW friendly, right?  Well, not with this one!  But it is seriously worth the extra calories - yum!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year's.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll get to see some of you soon - if the weather cooperates.


  1. I'm taking the veggie basket to Christmas Eve. I'm not sure what all we are having-but it will all be delicious I'm sure. (Go to Pauline's by the way.)

    Christmas day for lunch I'll take frito salad to Sheila's-not sure what she's having either.

    Christmas day for supper we go to Jodie's and I don't have to make a darn thing. Dad bought the groceries and Jodie and Mom are taking care of cooking it. We'll have ham, noodles made with the ham juice (we use Reames frozen noodles). We are the only ones that I know of that make noodles with the ham juice-they are delicious,by the way. And green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and then all the goodies and that's about it.

    Now that I've written a book.....

    PS-your slush sound delish!

  2. That all sounds so good-thanks for sharing. That's nice of your mom and Jodie doing all the cooking! Hope you have a great Christmas!