Friday, November 13, 2009


I don't know why I have this need to reuse/repurpose stuff, well, garbage actually, but I do.   My good friend Holly is a wonder woman when it comes to repurposing old furniture, vintage sheets, etc.   I love to do that too, although I'm not nearly as talented as she is!  But the kind of reusing I like is when I have old boxes or containers and I hold them up and think "what can I do with this?"  When you teach a children's Bible class, it's fun to reuse things like toilet paper rolls, old boxes or anything else you can turn into a useful learning tool.  Here are a few things I've recently came up with.  Some are for my Bible class and some I've just used around the house.

 This is an old cookie sheet I got for 10 cents.  I glued scrapbook paper and ribbon on it (like you would a scrapbook page).  Then I cut up thin magnets (like the ones you get that have sports team schedules on - flat and basically useless when it comes to holding up heavy stuff on the fridge).  I glued the cut up magnets on letters and words (that I got out of a scrapbook kit) and some hearts I cut out on the Cricut.  Then I used them to hold on pics of "My Boys".  It is hanging on the backsplash area of my kitchen by the coffee pot.  I love it.

This is a box I got at Aldi's one day- there were actually several of them all with no lid flaps and perfectly shaped rectangles.  I saved them and used them as a "scene" for my Bible class. We were learning about Jonathan and David.  The paper dolls are from Cricut and I used toilet paper rolls to make them "stand".  Got that idea from  

This picture is blurry, but this was made with a scratched compact disc. I also got a bunch of free ones from various places and in the mail.  I plan to do this project with my class next month.  We will talk about how "unique" God made us, just like snowflakes and finger prints.  I cut out vinyl on my cricut and put it on top, then cut a snowflake out, and glued Noah's picture in the center.  I'm sure someone somewhere made something like this before, but I came up with this idea myself.

Here are some more junk items I'm working on.  If you have any suggestions for them, please let me know.  The plastic bowl thing is the cover from the stack of CD's - might be a good flower pot?  The other things are ribbon spools - maybe some kind of ornament?  I have no idea yet!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Reduce, reuse and recycle - God gave us this junk to use, so use it!


  1. Oh, a girl after my own heart. I love to repurpose things! I love your cookie sheet and cd idea!

    You could wrap some decorative paper around the plastic cd cover and use it for a pencil/crayon holder perhaps?

  2. oh, good idea! Thanks for commenting Holly-it is so sad when I look and there are no comments :-(

  3. Oh-I know the feeling!

    Those cds would be cute Christmas tree ornaments or gift tags for large packages. I'm sure you could paint those babies with spray paint too.

    Okay-now I'm gonna be saving cds too!