Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today's ramblings will be two-fold.  First, I want to share a wonderful drink recipe with you.  Now, for those of you who regularly read Holly's blog (, you know this is one her recipes, and in fact the other part of this post is also one of Holly's ideas.  Thanks Holly for all your wonderful ideas!  (Also, enjoy being 41 for a few more weeks- you, Dawnie and I are closing in on 42).  But I think I have a few followers who do not know Holly, so I'm posting this to benefit them! :-)

This wonderful concoction is so simple.  It is a can of Mt. Dew (I used diet), and some frozen strawberries.  Mix in a blender and enjoy!

I make this somedays when the boys are napping and I need a "kick" to get me through the afternoon.  Plus, it has fruit in it and I feel like I am somewhat doing something healthy.

The other great idea from Holly is that she put together a photobook of her "simple" recipes.  She mailed several out to her friends and family (I was fortunate to get one!).  There are about 12 recipes in here each with a picture of the finished product and Holly's "easy" recipe.   I love this book- this is just one of those photo books you can make through Walmart, Snapfish, Shutterfly, wherever, but Holly introduced me to ArtsCow - 

ArtsCow is a photo website based in Hong Kong.  They make the same stuff that Walmart and these other places offer, only cheaper.  Sign up - you'll be glad you did.  It is free to register and they send you emails a couple times a week offering sales on items and many times free shipping.  When you sign up, you get something like 1200 prints free (you pay shipping)!  I've been getting my scrapbooking prints from them for about a year now and the quality is as good as Walmart.  The only drawback is that it does take a week or more to get it delivered from Hong Kong, and that the shipping charges can be high.  Yet, I always get the item on sale and it is usually ends up being cheaper than if I ordered it locally.  I've purchased personalized coasters, mouse pads, calendars, pillow cases, and many photo books from them.

Today I ordered a Grandparent photo book I made up with photos of my boys.  They were offering one at $5.99 with free shipping, and additional books at $8.99 with the free shipping.  I got 2 books for $14.98!  I also made up a book for Noah for his birthday.  The book will be all about his family.  I have made a couple of these books up for the little guys and added a story to go along with my photos.  They love it when I read these to them.   I love giving and receiving personalized gifts.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:   The more we share, the more we have.


  1. Oh how cute-there's my little cookbook.

    I love the books you made the little boys, by the way. I love Artscow!

    Guess what, last night I was thinking about making a Mountain Dew float. Dew and ice cream. Yeah-I think I'll go try that right now. You're so good, and I'm so bad!!!☺

  2. Well, let me know how the Dew float turned out. I'm not a fan of ice cream with pop of any kind, so I don't think I'll try that one. I like my ice cream with lots and lots of hot fudge and whipped cream!

  3. I didn't turn out very good, thankfully. Otherwise, I'd be having a Dew float every day!

    I was wondering-have you been using Swagbucks. Nothings showing up if you are. I might do a little post on Did you ever hear of it? You can order stuff like shampoo soap razors laundry detergent. It comes to your door-free shipping-you have to order six items. Anyhow you can get a 5 dollar gift certificate with 12 swagbucks right now. I thought that was pretty good.

  4. Oh, sorry to hear that. Yeah, I forgot about Swagbucks-used it tonight and now I have $5. I'll have to try that other website.