Sunday, November 29, 2009


I saw these "cake pops" on the Bakerella website.  This lady is awesome and talented.  I would never even think I could come close to copying her stuff, but I just had to try to make the most basic cake pop she had and see how they would turn out.

Basically, you make a 9x13 cake the way you normally would.  After it is cooled, she recommends you dump it into a bowl and mix a can of cream cheese icing into it using your hands.  She warns it will be messy.  Well, there is a part of me that really hates stuff on my hands - I don't mind bread dough so much, but ground beef or anything really sticky - like a cake mixed with icing - really kinda creeps me out.  So, I dumped mine into my mixing bowl and used the beater - it worked perfectly!  I did not have cream cheese icing, I had chocolate, so I used that.

Then, you form it into balls.  It was not as messy as I thought it would be- in fact, the dough did not stick to my hands at all.  Then you push lollipop sticks in and chill.

After they have set up, you melt your chocolate (I used both white and chocolate), and dip the lollipops into that.

 She recommends that you push the sticks into styrofoam so that you don't get the flat chocolate at the top, but I could not find any styrofoam, so I just put them into a dish with waxed paper.

How do they taste?  Well, they are incredibly moist and since I had a chocolate cake mix, chocolate icing and chocolate candy, they were very, well, chocolatey.  Too much chocolate?  Maybe for me. (I know - how is that possible?)   I did however, have rave reviews from the toddlers and the teens.  The adults ate pie.

IF I make these again, I will try different flavors - cream cheese icing with red velvet cake mix (as recommended).  Also, I would not bother to put them on sticks, except maybe a few for the little guys in my house.  The sticks are "loose" anyway, and since the chocolate outside is hard, they pick up very well - like a candy.  The little guys however, love anything on a stick, so if it makes them happy. . . .

Just a side note:  I have a Wilton Chocolate Melter and it is wonderful.  It costs about $20 at Walmart and although I use it really only a couple times a year, it is worth the price - plus, my in-laws bought it for me as a present, so it really is worth the price!  LOL


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  1. They look yummy!☺


  2. They do look yummy!!

  3. Brianna had these at devo one night last year so we made them over Christmas. We used strawberry cake and dipped them in chocolate. They were really yummy! I love reading your blog. Your blog about the choc chip cookies made me remember that I used to use the butter flavored crisco in the recipe. Not sure why I stopped using it but I used it for my double batch last night and they are so much better than using margarine! Val

  4. Hey Val,
    It made me so happy to see your comment! Strawberry cake and chocolate - great idea! I think even Dan would eat those! Thanks.