Sunday, November 8, 2009


How can you go from this. . . 

to . . . .

THIS. . .


Well, with a few tools and a little time, you can do it.   I made 2 of these wreaths for the front of our church auditorium for the winter.  
The total cost for each wreath was around $20.  I got everything on sale - the roses were 70% off!  I love the clearance bin! 

We moved into our new church building last January, I believe - wow, seems like we've been at this place a lot longer.  Anyway, the building is beautiful.  Most of the classrooms and the bathrooms are decorated very nicely.  The auditorium has just plain white walls, so to bring some color in, I started making wreaths to hang on each side of the pulpit/baptistery area.  Here is the one I made last spring:

I love to make wreaths.  Fall wreaths are my favorite, but I make them for all seasons and occasions.  Michaels craft store charges more than $50 for some of their completed wreaths.  That's just crazy!  You can buy a smaller sized wreath at Walmart for around $3.  If you want the next bigger size, you do have to go to Joann's or Michaels, and if you wait until they are on sale,  you can get them for around $8.  I paid $17.99 for the pine wreaths and got another 20% off since I had a coupon, but these are pretty big wreaths.  The flowers you can buy anywhere.  I found some beautiful flowers at the Dollar Tree!  I usually buy the little "accessories" for my wreaths at the Dollar Tree (one of my favorite places).  I buy the cute Santa faces, plastic hearts or cute scarecrows all for $1.  Dollar Tree is also a great place to buy the wired ribbon spools!

Wreath making is very easy, but if you've never done it, here is a quick tutorial from me (and believe me, I'm no expert).  What I usually like to do, is look at the completed wreaths at a craft show or at Michaels (I sometimes snap a picture with my cell phone).  Then, I purchase the flowers/decorations/ribbon I want and the wreath.  For the pine wreath, you have to first "fluff" up the branches.  Then I cut the flower bushes apart so each flower is on an individual stem.  Lay them on the the wreath and play around until you get the design you want, then just hot glue them in - sometimes you may need to use florist wire, especially if the wreath will be hanging outside.  Just a note:  think in the rule of odds - never put an even number of flowers on a wreath.  Either have 3, 5, 7, etc.   That's pretty much it - very easy.   

Well, I know this is exciting stuff, so I'd better end this post so you can digest it all!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  You never know who may desperately need your kindness and understanding. 


  1. Your wreaths are lovely! You've been in your church building since January?-seems like you guys were just building it. Churches need pretties too!

  2. I love wreaths too. Another great place to find them is Goodwill. I just bought a beautiful one for $1 and it was totally finished. That was a good find. Sometimes, I just rip them apart and use pieces and parts and sometimes just get decorations for on them there. I love the Dollar Tree too. They have some really nice things too. They say "Welcome" , I think. PS> Adam just told me he is stealing mine for the studio. He's a bad boy!!!! Love how you have done yours, Rhonda. Very pretty!!

  3. Thanks, girls! Good idea, Dawnie about pulling stuff off of goodwill wreaths - I've done that with garage sale ones before! I'll have to check out the goodwill here for that.

  4. I hope one of my favorite bloggers isn't sick!

  5. No, I just don't have anything special to blog about! After I finish painting the downstairs, I'll post that!