Thursday, November 19, 2009


These are just too cute not to take a picture!  I think maybe the restaurant chain, White Castle, came up with these.  I googled it and they also mentioned that Red Robin restaurant serves them.  They are called both 'slammers' and 'sliders'.   I ate them for the first time this summer when I was in Hershey, PA, at Fuddruckers.  They were so cute!

Plus, if you are watching your calories, they are perfect.  You can still eat a hamburger w/o overdosing on fat and calories.  I served these with a side of Weight Watcher fries, that even my firstborn son loves (he is against anything 'fat free' or "weight watcher" friendly).  To make these fries, peel your potatoes, slice them up (I use my Pampered chef garnish tool), then soak them in cold water for about 10 minutes or so.  Drain them and kind of towel them off.  Put about 2-3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil in a bowl, add some seasoning salt, garlic powder, paprika - whatever you like, mix it up and toss with your fries.  Bake at 375 on a baking sheet for 45-60 minutes (depends on how thick your fries are and how crisp you like them).

Add a side of broccoli and you have yourself an actual healthy meal (the bun is made with wheat flour).  Yummy.



  1. Oh my-that looks delicious! Okay-now I'm hungry and I just ate.

    Lady-you are a great cook!

    Did you make the buns too?

    You are just too good.

  2. Thanks! No, I did not make the buns - they were on sale this week-a brown and serve type wheat roll - for .99 cents. They are so soft and fit the burgers perfectly.

  3. Hi-it's just me.

    I just saw that Pioneer Woman has a cookbook. Do you have it? Just curious if you liked it.

  4. I don't have it - but it is on my wishlist for Christmas! If I get it, I'll let you know.