Saturday, November 14, 2009


Oh yummy!  I love chocolate so much, I painted it on my walls in my downstairs "rec" room.  The paint is actually called "hat box brown" by Dutchboy, but doesn't "creamy milk chocolate" sound like a better title?  Who makes up the paint names anyway, and how can I get that job?

This was the only room we had never painted since I moved in and took over the decorating, which my hub was all to happy to hand over!  The walls had never been primed and were dirty in some places.  Dan helped me prime the room - he did the ceiling, I did the walls.  Then I painted the chocolate, I mean the brown paint on.  Every time I dipped my paint pad into the tray, I thought of melted chocolate.  No wonder I'm having such cravings this week.

I was nervous at first putting this on the walls - after all, there is only one small window down there and not a lot of good light (we hope to fix that soon).  But after one wall was done, I knew we had picked a good color.  I plan to do the stairwell in the same color.
I need to hang pictures and the mirrors back up, and I'll get to that this week after I clean the carpets.  

Color is good - chocolate is better!

What do you think about decorating in a Hershey's theme?   Could be interesting!  Have to see about that.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Eat chocolate, it just makes you feel better!  Then brush your teeth - 


  1. Yes, I would love the job of naming paint colors, even crayon colors! Wouldn't it be fun to wake up and go to work? Love how your room turned out. It's beautiful!! It warms the room up so nicely. "Creamy milk chocolate" was a very good choice!!!

  2. I love chocolate too and I love the paint color. Very warm, as Dawnie says.

    A Hersheys theme would be cool!

    Love your thought for the day too.☺

  3. I love brown on walls. I painted my spare bedroom in a Dutch Boy color called Dipped in Chocolate. It did look like a melted dark chocolate. I wanted to dip strwberries in it instead of my paint brush. I love it especially with an off white trim and doors. I love the names too. The color in my kitchen is called Leap-n-Lizard. It's from Dutchboy and is a light yellowish color. It must have a hint of green in it becuase was Jodie saw it she asked if the color was green. It looks more like a buttery yellow to me.

  4. OOOH, dipped in chocolate sounds wonderful. I have so much paint left over, we are going to do our bedroom and bathroom in it. We just love it.
    The Leap-n-Lizard sounds nice too!

  5. I love the chocolate walls. I am gonna have to come over and check it out once all the crazy holiday stuff slows down.