Thursday, January 7, 2010


My little cowboy, Levi.  He's 3 1/2, and for the most part is a sweet little boy (he has been known to throw an occasional tantrum).  His dad has recently introduced him to John Wayne westerns - heaven help us all!  He now rides his stick horse around the house yelling "shoot the Indians".  I tried to explain to him why we should not do that - I mean, the "Native Americans" (as I call them), were just defending their homes.  Levi was totally in agreement with me until daddy came home and they watched more John Wayne.  It's a losing battle (no pun intended).

His horse's name is Chester.  Chester likes to eat everything Levi does and he likes to drink milk.  Chester needs lots of attention from all of us and we have to make sure we say 'hello' to him when he "walks" into the room.

I took these photos today and I just love the innocence in his eyes.  I remember the years of make believe and how real it all seems.  It makes me smile.  I think the "sepia" overlay really adds to it!  Oh the wonders of  Photoshop!

Ya'll have a fine day, now, ya hear?


  1. That's one of the sweetest lil' cowboys I have ever seen!!!! Adorable pix!!! I learned so much about cowboys last year through Adrion's teacher. He made learning so fun, even for the parents. Also wanted to let you know I made "green" and "red" chicken. The green was better because it was spicier. If you don't like a lot of spice the regular salsa would be good. We loved it and so did Grandma. She kept saying, "MMMM, this is so good". So we talked about you and where you were and how you were doing. Thanks for supper!! YEEHAW, those were some good vittles!!

  2. I remember when Adam had all those pics on his site! They were so cute.
    I'm glad you liked the chicken, and I'm glad your Grandma did too. Tell her I said hello. I think of you when I make this dish becuase I know how you guys like Mexican!

  3. sweet little cowboy, i tell ya.....hillarious post. sweet

  4. Adorable pics of a happy little cowboy!☺