Tuesday, January 5, 2010


cGreen chicken?   Well, not really.  I have this wonderful recipe I found in a magazine called "Chicken Salsa Verde".  Verde in Spanish means "green"-that is one of the very few words I know in Spanish (even after a 2 week trip to Honduras - sad, I know).    The "green" part comes from the salsa verde used in the recipe.  It is a salsa made from tomatillos, which is sometimes called a green tomato, however, it is not a tomato at all.  It is related to the Cape Gooseberry and is a staple in Mexican cuisine.  Boy, that sounds like I really know what I'm talking about!  Actually, I googled it after Rachael Ray talked about them not actually being tomatoes.  She got me curious, ya know?  Anyway, whatever it is, this is one delic dish!   It has just the right amount of "bite" to it too.

Here's my method (after I tweaked it from the original recipe).

Brown 4 seasoned chicken breasts in a bit of olive oil.  After they are cooked, shred the meat, or cut it up in fine pieces.

Put in a bowl and add:
1 diced onion
1 1/2 jars of salsa verde (one jar would probably be enough)
1 cup sour cream
1 jar drained and rinsed black beans (or kidney beans if you prefer)

Mix it all up.  In a 9x13 dish, crumble up tortilla chips to line the bottom, layer chicken goop on top, throw some shredded cheese on top, layer more chips, goop and cheese until bowl is empty.  Last layer should be crumbed chips.  I usually just do a layer of chips and the goop, then cheese and finish with chips, but whatever.  Bake at 350 for about 25-30 minutes.   Ole`.


  1. YUMMY!! I love Mexican food!!!! You need to live closer so I can taste test all the wonderful dishes you prepare!! Racheal Ray would be proud!

  2. You'd probably like this, Dawnie! I'm not a huge Mexican cuisine fan, and I love this dish.

  3. Looks yummo, as always!

    I know I would love this, but Larry hates chicken.☺

  4. I'm going to pick up the ingredients tonight. Can't wait to try it.

  5. Oh, let me know how you like it Dawnie. Holly-you could probably substitute a shredded beef in it - that may be interesting!

  6. I'm going to make half the way you do it and make half with Adam's homemade salsa in two separate smaller casserole dishes. I am making them tomorrow so I'll let you know the verdict. Thanks again for the recipe!!

  7. This looks great! I'll be trying this one. I don't comment much but I check your blog about every day. While the kids were home I made the recipe with the frozen chic breasts, salsa, black beans, salsa and cream cheese in the crock pot. What's left over they shred the chic and make a dip. Keep blogging! Miss you! Val