Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Going Greek

Have you heard the buzz about Greek yogurt?  I saw a segment on Rachael Ray, read some information about it on the Hungry Girl website, and it seems Weight Watchers has some recipes using it too.  My curiosity got the best of me and I bought some.  I got some plain and some flavored.  Now, the plain non-fat is only 2 points for the entire container (6 oz), and has 18 grams of protein!!!!  

I think that there is something to increasing your protein when you are trying to lose weight.  There have been 2 times in my life that I had to be on a high-protein, low-carb diet, and believe it or not, I lost not only pounds, but my entire booty shrunk!  It seems that is my #1 "problem" area (actually, I have a lot, but I'd rank that as #1).    Another bonus is that high protein diets keep you feeling fuller longer - more satisfied.  I wish this were not true, because I am a true carb-a-holic (hence my huge backside).  Don't get me wrong - I think the no-carb diets should be avoided.  God gave us all this wonderful food and I think we need a little of everything, in moderation of course.   But, "man shall not live by bread alone. . ."  :-)   I am no expert, just giving you information on what's worked for me and what I've read (and I read a lot about how to lose weight-if only reading were enough!).

So, back to the Greek thing.  Here are some recipes I've tried and some I intend to try.

This one was fantastic.  I made it for the boys too so they could dip their animal crackers in it.  I used about 1/2 the container of yogurt (3 oz.) and 1 Tablespoons of peanut butter.  Then I sprinkled about 1 tsp. of powdered sugar in and mixed it all together.  This is about a 3 point dip for fruit, or just eat it plain.  

I found this recipe on the WW site, and true to my nature, I had to make my own changes and this time, it backfired on me because it is not as good as I had hoped.  I used 6 oz. of yogurt, chopped up a little bit of cucumber and some onion, added 1 tsp. dill weed, seasoning salt and some other spices I had in the cabinet that I THOUGHT would make it better.  It was a good veggie dip, but a bit strong.  I would recommend cutting back on the onion and cucumber and leaving out all the other spices I dumped in and can't even remember now.  The WW recipe also recommended using 1/2 cup of fat free cream cheese and that might have made it better.  However, after eating a few veggies and 2 T. of the dip, I was feeling pretty satisfied.  It would be a good mid-day snack to get you through until dinner.

Rachael Ray recommended using a cup of yogurt and adding roasted pureed carrot in for a good dip.  I want to try this, but I'm out of the plain yogurt for now.

I've also found some good ice cream "fake out" recipes using frozen fruit.  I'll pass those along if they prove to be tasty.


  1. I've seen Greek yogurt on TV too. I'd like to try it, but I've never seen it. I don't get out much though.☺

    I am a carboholic too and I would say more protein would help. Eating too many carbs is a vicious cycle, wouldn't you say?

    And your booty's not big!

  2. i am truly enjoying your blog.....i love the ww/new recipe ideas you have.....i have tried some. good. i am going to get some greek yogurt too. i just want my body to wither away.......i mean shrink.......cant wait for summer. surely i will be smaller....):)

  3. Holly, yes, I do think it is a vicious cycle. The more you eat, the more you crave. It is a comfort food for me.
    Jodie-I hope you shrink away! I'm trying that too. I made a banana yogurt today. I used 1/2 the vanilla greek yogurt and mashed 1/2 a banana into it. I had to add a touch of splenda. It is really good. A 2 point snack! I find this yogurt a little on the bitter side, but if sweetened or flavored correctly, I find it much more satisfying than regular yogurt.

  4. I've not tried the Greek yogurt yet but I have heard that you have to be careful and read the labels. Some of it is loaded with fat but apparently the light versions are just as tasty. I eat a ton of yogurt, so I'm anxious to give it a try, it just hasn't jumped out at me in the grocery store.
    : )

  5. Yes, the ones i bought were fat free, but some had more sugar content - I think the Vanilla and the plain were the best ones. I could not find them either, so I asked. I did see one container at Walmart too, but I got mine at Festival.