Thursday, January 21, 2010


Side In deciding if a dish is good, I use my family as a gauge.  If Dan likes it, I give it a 5 star rating because he's, well, kinda picky (sorry dear!).  If Ty, Tanner and I like it, it gets a 4 1/2 star rating because we like most food.  Levi and Noah seldom like what we eat, but they are still toddlers, so their vote does not count. These sweet potato fries were liked by 3 of us- you'll have to guess which 3 of my family did not like them (wink, wink).   

Please excuse a few of the "burned" ones  - oops!

I like them because they were good without any ketchup or extra seasonings, and because they are supposedly really healthy for you.  The health food experts tell us we should eat a rainbow everyday.  The more a food has color, the better.  I try to always include veggies at all meals (other than breakfast), and then I try to include fruits for snacks.  I always try to "strive for five" - not that I always make it!

Anyway, try these - I think you'll like them!

I peeled and cut the sweet potatoes (I think they may actually be yams, and I'm not sure what the difference is) into fry shapes.  I put them in a bowl, drizzled some olive oil on top (not a lot, but enough to coat when tossed), and added some seasoning salt.  I tossed it all together and placed them on my baking sheet.  I baked them in a 400 degree oven for about an hour and stirred them around 1/2 way through the cooking.

3/4 cup of the fries w/o oil would be about 2 points in WW, and I added another point for the oil and just to be on the safe side.


  1. Looks yummy. I'm guessing Dan, Levi and Noah.

  2. I have a lonely sweet potato on my counter that I've been meaning to do this with. But-I've been too lazy. Maybe tomorrow night. I used to buy the sweet potato french fries and we liked them-but they have some junk added to them. I thought it would be nice to have some without the additives.

    I'm guessing the same as Dawnie!☺

    When the little ones don't like something-what do you end up feeding them?

  3. I've made them before and they are very good. They do tend to burn all the time though. Not sure why.