Thursday, January 28, 2010

IT'S BEEN. . . . .

This has been a tough week.  Levi was sick for several days with a cough, fever, throwing up, then Noah got it.  Noah seems to be susceptible to pneumonia, and after about 2 days of a cold, we ended up taking him to the ER.  He was breathing heavily and having trouble waking up.  Totally freaked me out.  Thankfully, the fever was what was making him non-responsive and not something worse, but they checked his lungs and got him on meds before things could progress any further.  I am hoping by the weekend we can stop the round-the-clock medications.

I mean, as a parent, you hear about "over medicating" your kids, so I try very hard not to overdo the Ibuprofen or Tylenol.  Then, the doctor at the ER looks at me like I'm a total idiot and don't know that a high fever can make a child act like Noah was acting that night.  I mean, in my own defense, I've had 3 other children who have had high fevers in their lives, and I've never had one of them act like that, buy hey, WHATEVER!  So, now I am giving Ibuprofen and Tylenol every 2-3 hours, alternating, and giving that cough medicine regularly.  It is a lot to remember - which one did I give last???  How many hours has it been????  Especially in the middle of the night - what if I give him more than I should????   Oh boy!

Well, then I remembered that a good friend (Kim) got me this really cool timer when Levi was born.  It's called an Itzbeen timer.  It has 4 different timers on it, a night light, and a switch that says L or R for breastfeeding moms to remember which side they fed on at the last feeding.  I used this timer constantly when I was nursing, especially the first few weeks.  But it has been in my cabinet ever since, unused.  I was going to keep it and pass it on to someone someday that may be pregnant with one of my grandchildren. . . . . .   Anyway, that's a different post entirely!  I pulled that timer out and it has worked like a charm helping me to remember which medicines I gave last and how long "itzbeen"!!!!  (At least until Levi got a hold of it and reset all the timers, but after throwing a fit, I got over it and got back on schedule).

I don't know where Kim got this timer from, but I'm sure you could Google it.  It would make a really cool gift for an expecting mom!


  1. That is a neat gadget.

    Hope all are better now!!!

  2. That is a great gadget. Very useful. I have to make a little notecard and write times down because I am so forgetful,but this would be even better. Hope everyone is healthy and you have a wonderful weekend.