Monday, January 11, 2010


This weekend, my wonderful hub, Dan, redid a closet for me so I could have a pantry.  This closet is inside my front door, which NEVER gets used.  99% of the people that come to my home, use the garage entrance and therefore, we use the closet inside that door.  I needed more pantry room, so a couple of years ago,  I put in little shelves that Dan had originally built for me to put shoes on in my bedroom closets.  I stacked 2 up, but they have no back and cans were always falling off the back.  Here is the before:

Ugly, messy, disorganized!

Here is the during: 
Levi and Noah helped me move everything out the day before - they were really good helpers.  

Dan thought it needed painting, and bless his heart, he did that too (I was not feeling well on Saturday). 

Then he hung up the pantry shelves and put 1/2 of the coat rack back so we could hang up the extra coats.  I also store my steam vac and my regular vac in there.  It looks so nice and neat.  I absolutely love it!

Organization is my friend. 

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  1. Oh-I love a good closet make over! Dan did a great job. I'm sure he's realizing that the quickest way to a woman's heart is through home improvement!