Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wonderful Weather

This whole month has been pretty amazing - as far as Wisconsin weather goes.  I mean, I remember in years past the month of May being colder than it has been this month.   I keep holding my breath and wondering when it is going to catch up with us - will we have a super cool summer, or perhaps Al Gore is right after all (heavens, I'll jump off a cliff if he is), and global warming will make us have a "tropical" summer.   Either way, for now, I will thank God that He has given us such lovely weather and warm winds.  I can see the green coming out in the grass.  Birds are singing.  Daffodils are almost blooming.  My boys are shooting pretend animals in the yard.  Yes, spring is here!
Noah brought this old shoe string in to me that he found in the yard - it was dangling in his fingers and he held it in front of me because I was distracted.  I screamed - I have a fear of anything that remotely resembles a snake - and it scared him.  I had to convince him it would not hurt him so he would pick it back up and take it outside.  
He recovered from the scare pretty quickly.  I keep hoping the devilish look is all just part of being 2!

This is how my baby looked last summer.  They just grow up as quickly as the seasons change!


  1. Oh, you and snakes!

    Noah's so cute!

    I'm glad you are getting your nice weather. It's suppose to be 80 here Friday and Saturday I think. Hopefully you'll get some of the same!

  2. I love the funny faces they make when they're little!
    : )
    PS Just curious, did you do the snake dance?

  3. I hate snakes or anything resembling them and of course, Remi, keeps a collection on hand to scare me to death. Noah looks so darn sweet. It's amazing how much they grow in a year. Glad you are enjoying beautiful weather. I am loving it too.