Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Weird title, I know.  I heard a bartender ask someone this on a movie once when I was a child and it struck me funny.  In fact it rings rather true when you learn about the effects of alcohol on your body, etc., and it is probably true in my case being that I drink diet pop.  It is bad for you, I know.  I try to limit myself to drinking it only on special occasions, or when we eat out.  However, lately, I find I want one at least once a day as a pick-me-up, a treat, or something sweet with no calories.  It is a struggle!

My good friend, Shari, who looks fantastic since she has met her goal and works out on a regular basis, gave me this "recipe".  Could not be easier!

Take one can of Diet Dr. Pepper (okay, this is Diet Dr. Thunder, but it works just as well), one box of devil's food cake mix and 2 egg whites.  That's it!  Nothing more!   Mix it up and make 24 cupcakes out of it.  Use a dollop of FF whip cream on top and you've got yourself a piece of chocolate heaven for only 1 point.   
I was using up my Christmas cupcake papers =)

How does it taste, you ask??  Well, let's just say that all the guys in my house liked it until I told them it was a WW recipe.  Dan won't touch them now and Ty has avoided them. Tanner, though eats 2-3 each night when he comes home from school.   True, I would rather have something gooey, chewy, fudgey and loaded with sweet buttercream icing, but that's the kind of thing that got me into this size of jeans I now wear, so let's just move on, shall we??

Shari also suggested using a diet strawberry/raspberry pop with a white cake mix - that sounds interesting too.

Thanks, Shari for your support and your great ideas.


  1. That sounds good...I'll have to try it! I use a small can of pumpkin and a cake mix to make 24 cupcakes and they are each worth 1 point. They are super moist with the pumpkin but you can't taste the pumpkin.

  2. Val, I have tried the pumpkin and I love it. It is really good in a spice cake mix. Plus, it would be healthier with the pumpkin!

  3. And pumpkin lowers cholesterol, for those that are battling that demon. However, pumpkin is absent from the grocery shelves here. Hope there's a better crop this year!
    Can't wait to try the pop and cake mix. Thanks Shari!
    : )

  4. I am a huge fan of Diet Dr. Pepper. It is my poison for sure. I have to have a glass first thing in the morning. I am not a fan of diet pop but this one doesn't taste diety to me. So this is what I drink. That recipe sounds wonderful and easy so I could eat 5 of those babies for a snack everyday. Okay 4.

  5. These look really good! You'd never know from looking that there's only diet Dr. Pepper and egg whites in there!