Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have used this recipe for years and I honestly don't have the recipe book anymore and I have no idea what the actual recipe is called.  I may not even be following it correctly, but the final result is good, so that's all the counts in my mind.

Round steak, when on sale, is relatively cheap.  I buy the leanest looking cuts I can find and trim the rest of the fat off.  I pound the meat with a bit of flour on top then, I sear the meat on both sides.  I transfer it to my stoneware pot, add some sauteed peppers and onions on top, some salt and pepper.  I use a bottle of chili sauce mixed with about 1/4 of the bottle of water.  Mix that up and dump on top.  I also throw in a couple dashes of Worcestershire sauce.  Then I cook it on a low heat for 3 or more hours, depending on the thickness.  I comes out tender and very flavorful.

Any suggestions on how you cook round steak????


  1. Oh this looks really good.

    I'm not a very good meat maker! Waaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  2. I have 2 recipes green pepper steak, and swiss steak...but I can never find round steak at a good price...let me know when you see it on sale. I guess if they don't put it out in the middle of the asile...I don't look at it.