Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sooooo Smooth

I love smoothies!  Fruity, creamy, slushy, low-cal, and not so low-cal - they are all good.  Here is my latest concoction.  A blueberry/Greek yogurt smoothie.  For those of you who have not tried Greek yogurt - it is awesome.  At least 16 grams of protein per 6 ounces.  I lack protein in my diet, so this is great for me!  It is a bit pricey in comparison to other brands, but Yoplait makes one that sells at my grocery store and I found a coupon on Coupon Mom for it.  Plus, no one else really eats yogurt in my home (although Noah does like to share this smoothie with me), so I can justify the cost a bit more.  Also, one of these drinks is very filling, and I usually drink it in place of a lunch.

I use a 6 oz. container of the fat free plain Greek Yogurt, about a cup of frozen blueberries (Aldi's has them at a great price), and about 1/2 cup of low fat milk.  Mix it in a blender with some sweetener (or a bit of sugar if your children are going to drink it), and there you have a 4 point drink that is very satisfying, filling and healthy!  You have a serving of fruit, milk, and lean protein!  Now go and mix it up!

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