Friday, March 5, 2010

Diet Pitfalls

Things I must avoid while dieting:


Peanut butter on a spoon

play dough
of any color!

The first two are my down falls - the last one, well, I just thought it was funny.  Just ask Noah now what he's NOT supposed to eat and he'll tell you - PLAY DOUGH!

Please help inspire me - what are you cooking this week??????


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  1. well, rhonda....i am not home long enough to cook.....i spend all my spare time exercising and then laying house is a mess, i only cooked 1 meal this week, tuna noodle......and dont bravo me for that, its the simplest meal in history....and quite frankly, it doesnt look like i am cooking tonight either.....dave is taking me to the villa...i made my one of many weight loss goals.....just 20 - 25 more to go....i have lost 32.6 so far. what i can tell you, is to just eat the pb and cheese and runnnnn i tell you.....runnnnnnnn a mile.....i dooooooooo (can you believe it) who knew????????not meeee