Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have a confession to make.  There are some days my boys almost literally drive me over the edge of the thin sanity cliff I'm on!  I mean, they are 3 and 2 years old and for the most part, they are good kids.  However, I have found that ages 3 and 2 have stages that I think are meant to toughen up a parent and give them an early view of what the teen years can be like!  They can be stubborn, bull-headed, and down right difficult - especially at 2 a.m. when he (who shall remain nameless) cannot find his froggy and does not want to go back to sleep until we find the froggy.   Some days I feel I am too old to deal with all of this and then. . . . . . . . 

they fall asleep. . . . . . and I look at their innocent faces and thank my God that He blessed me with these two little wonderful human beings.
Ever feel like this, or am I really on the edge of insanity????

I won't even go into how I feel when my teens are being difficult - we'll save that for another day =).


  1. If it weren't for the difficulties, would we fully appreciate the joys?
    : )

  2. Oh Rhonda-I can understand you feel you are on a thin sanity cliff-but I know you are doing a great job with these two wonderful toddlers-just like you did with your first set, who are now your teens!

    Now me-I was terrible with my stubborn little toddler. I did much better when she was four going on five. Then I was good till she was about 13. It was all downhill from there. No-just kidding. I love my girl with all my heart-no matter what she says-no, just kidding-about the no matter what she says, not that I love her with all my heart. Hehe.

    I KNOW you are doing a wonderful job raising these tow headed toddlers and their handsome teenage brothers! You've got great kids.☺

    Thank you, Lord, for our wonderful children!

    Love the new header.♥

  3. Love the new header too. And you are not insane. You are as normal as can be. We have all been there and I know it is harder as we get older. I think it is. You are doing a marvelous job as you have with Ty and Tanner. But, they sleep, and oh we forget everything bad and marvel at their sweetness.

  4. Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby!

    Thanks so much for your help yesterday! The wreath turned out great!