Saturday, March 20, 2010


Easter's on its way!  Do you remember that song?  Dan sang a line of it to Levi and now he asks me to sing it all the time.  The only part he can remember is "hip hop Easter is on its way".  Too cute.

I've been working on the boys' baskets.  We do the whole Easter Bunny hiding the basket thing along with coloring eggs, leaving carrots out, etc.  I'm a big fan of tradition and this is what I did as a child.  I remember one year when I felt that my mom was lying to me about the bunny bringing our baskets, that I left a note for the Easter Bunny asking him to please sign his autograph on my note.  I figured I could compare my mother's handwriting to the autograph and really know she was "lying".   Well, mom was one step (or hop) ahead of me and apparently used her left hand to write "Easter Bunny" on the paper.  It sure did look like a rabbit used his paw to write it and so for one more Easter, I believed that a rabbit really hid my basket! 

Levi's and Noah's baskets are so easy to fill - too easy, I might add.  I have to stop myself from buying all those little things for fillers - bubbles, crayons, paints, matchbox cars, and of course candy, etc.  So much fun for so little money.  Tyler's and Tanner's baskets are a different story.  What on earth can you buy teenage boys from the $1 aisle????  I picked up some large candy bars, Jr. Mints, and I will probably get them a gas card or car wash dollars from the local convenience store.   I have to say that Ty and Tanner are such good sports about the whole pretending the rabbit is coming and all.  They hunt for their baskets just like the little guys and play along with it all.  I truly am blessed with such great boys. 

Here is a bucket I found at the Target $ aisle.  I personalized it with my Cricut for a certain girl who's coming to visit us this week.  I filled it with some cute things and a little bit of candy.  I hope she likes it.


  1. Love your story-you are stirring up memories from my childhood and my daughter's childhood.

    I love Emily's bucket!

    Yay for another female in the house!

  2. Yes, I remember those days too. It is fun finding great treats. I just finished up shopping for their baskets too. Emily will definitely love hers. Isn't it nice to have a PINK basket? I can't believe Easter is only two weeks away.