Tuesday, February 2, 2010


If you know anyone who has been in Iraq or Afghanistan, you know the feeling it gives you when they are done serving and get to come home!  One of the church members here, Steve, has served 2 tours and this past week, he came home for good!  He has two little girls (I has posted pics of them in the snow), and a wife, Michelle, who is also a friend of mine.  I know how happy I am to have Steve back with us, so I can only guess the joy that Michelle and the girls feel. 

We had a special potluck on Sunday honoring Steve's return.  I signed up to decorate the cake.  I had our local grocery store make a copy of his photo onto the rice paper, and I decorated the rest (it was a no brainer).  We also all chipped in and had a military throw made at Walmart.  It was very thin, but Michelle plans to hang it on the wall, and really, it was very sharp looking with the black all around.
(The feet belong to Tanner, not Steve :-).

Thanks to all the guys and gals who serve our country here and abroad and blessings to their families who try to cope for so long without them home.


  1. Oh-that's a great cake and throw!

    My second cousin was in Afganistan and it was such a relief to know he made it home safely. I feel so bad for those who don't.

  2. Very nice cake and throw, Rhonda. I bet his wife and girls are so very happy. What a wonderful celebration that would have been!!!