Friday, February 5, 2010

Haddock with bacon

This is one of those rare fish recipes that I like.  I got this from a Rachael Ray long long ago and as usual, I've adapted it to my tastes.

First, I put the haddock (or any white fish) in a pan/dish that has a bit of olive oil spread on it.

Then, I sprinkle some salt and pepper and some lemon juice.  Put it in a 400 degree oven.

Then, I cut up about 4 pcs. of bacon - I use thick cut bacon - for about 2 lbs. of fish.  I cook it up until it is nice and crispy.  Then I drain the fat and put the bacon on a napkin to soak up the extra grease.  Grease is bad!  Sautee up a small onion in the pan until translucent.  

Flip your fish over - it should be about done.

Once you're fish is almost done, I top it off with the onion and bacon, and finish baking it.

It is so good, I don't use any tartar sauce/mayo/ketchup!  Of course, the guys do, but what do they know? :-)

I figure one fillet w/ bacon is about 6 points.


  1. You have to stop showing all this yummo food!

    Was that fish Dan had caught? Or did you buy it and if you did-where did you get it? It looks really good and when I see it in the store it looks kind of gross!

  2. Do you use mostly cast iron skillets? That's what they look like. I have one in the basement that Jodie gave me ages ago. It's probably rusty. But I may have to dig it out.

  3. No Dan did not catch these, I bought this fish last week at our Festival-it was on sale. Haddock is usually about $6 per pound -ouch, so I get it when it goes to about $3 per pound. Still expensive, but I only get 2 pounds. It is in a "rectangle" form when you buy it - it does not look like fillets. I thaw it out and carefully pull it apart. Another good fish is talapia and orange roughy is very good! you can get those frozen at Aldi's! Orange Roughy is very sweet!
    Yes, I always use cast iron now. They were all Dan's - I've never owned one myself. He has many of them in all sizes. They are the best! If it is a bit rusty, wash it out, dry it right away, and smear it with olive oil, or cooking oil. Let it set over night and wash it out again. Always dry it right away and set it on top of your stove to finish air drying, then wipe with oil or cooking spray and store. They will last forever.

  4. Thanks for the tips-I need them!

  5. Also, Dan said if you oil it up good, and put it in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes or so,it will "condition" it.