Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Rainbow Salad, as known as Seven Layer Salad, is a very simple dish, but makes a great presentation, especially when put in a glass bowl so that all the layers are visible.

I made this one for the Ronald McDonald House, which our ladies group at church donates meals to once a month.   As I was making it, the colors were so bright and pretty, I thought that "Rainbow Salad" was a more appropriate name, plus it just sounds more interesting.

I started by chopping my lettuce in small bite-sized pieces and laying it on the bottom or the pan.  Then I chopped up some carrot, celery, red onion,and cherry tomatoes.  I used Lite Miracle Whip and spread a thin layer over the top.  I sprinkled with just a touch of sugar, then to make it really healthy, I sprinkled bacon and cheddar cheese over it all.  Yummy. 

  Anything can be added to this - peppers, cooked peas, etc.

I love making this when I have people over because it can be made up to a day in advance, then just tossed before serving.  The only draw back is that if there are left overs, they tend to get soggy after a few hours.


  1. Yummy, I have had this before but have never made it. Rainbow salad does sound more appropriate!! Tell me about the Ronald McDonald house...Is that where parents stay that have children in the hospital??

  2. The families that stay there have a child under 21 who is staying at the hospital across the street. I stayed at the one in DuBois when Ty was born and had to be in NICU for a week. They charge $5 a day to stay. Our ladies group takes in a meal once a month, and I've started taking sweets in every so often - usually around a holiday when I'm baking cookies or cupcakes. I'm trying to get more involved in volunteering there - making a lunch, sweeping floors, cleaning, etc. Tanner and I plan to fill out a form and start - I just need to GET IT DONE!

  3. I make-a version of this called 'Pea Salad' because my version has raw peas in it. I like 'rainbow salad' much better.

    That's great that you make food for the Ronald McDonald House-I'm sure the families appreciate it and I'm sure it makes you feel good!

    Tell your parental units I said 'Hi'!

  4. That's wonderful of you to volunteer your talents and time, Rhonda. It's nice Tanner is involved too!!! What a wonderful way for parents to stay closeby and inexpensive.

  5. rhonda....where have you beennnnn i miss your posts....even if i dont comment often.