Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well, experiment #2 with the Fiber One turned out okay - not as good as the chicken, but definitely a keeper in my recipe book. 

This is another Hungry Girl recipe you can find here.  The only thing different that I did was to add some seasoning salt to the ground up fiber one - oh and also some garlic powder.  (I add garlic powder to almost everything). 

I ate the entire onion (my onion was about a medium size), and I figure it to be 2 points, but I added 3 just to be safe.

I ate them straight out of the oven with some Heinz ketchup (Heinz is the only ketchup as far as I'm concerned) and they were a great snack.  Very filling and I got to check off a vegetable from my list!  (I love to check things off - Type A personality trait).

The only drawback to these are 1) they are kind of messy on the fingers - too much goo on my fingers makes me queasy, and 2) it would take a long time to make enough for my family, so I reserve these as a snack.

I do love getting all that fiber though - without actually having to eat the cereal in a bowl with milk - boring!

There are a lot of recipes with the Fiber One - I've been searching around the Hungry Girl website and just googling "Fiber One".  There are even a couple of desserts that I found interesting - I'll let you know!


  1. They look REALLY good.

    I love how you always try new things!

  2. I just bought her recipe cards and tried some blueberry muffins. I wanted to do a month worth blog of Hungry Girl recipes. I can't wait to try more.