Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I am in heaven!  I found the most awesome salsa recipe!  You can find that recipe here.  It is from the Pioneer Woman's website and I give total credit to her, although I did do my own twist on it. 

Salsa and chips are just one of those snacks that does not seem WW friendly.  Yet, one of my bff, Shari, told me how to make a 1 point stack of chips and I'm giving total credit to her - she is the reigning domestic goddess here and since I have at least two of her recipes now that I use quite frequently, I must give her the credit so she will share more with me in the future :-).  Shari told me about these flat bread packages that she bought at Walmart and I think they had "Joseph" in the title (they were in the aisle with bread, buns, etc).  I bought them and before I opened the package, I saw a small bug crawling around in it.  I took the package back and have not been able to buy one since.  I'm sure the ones I found at Aldi's probably  have had a bug in them at one point, but what I don't see can't hurt me, right?

To make the chips, I put them on my pizza stone and used a pizza cutter to cut them into about 16 triangles.  I sprayed them with cooking spray, sprinkled them with salt and garlic powder and baked them for about 6-10 minutes at 350.   No, they are not as good as tortilla chips BUT, I can eat about 10 tortilla chips for 3 points and not feel satisfied.  I can eat about 16 of my homemade chips for 1 point and feel very full.


  1. Thank you for finding these yummy and HEALTHY recipes!

  2. Our Aldi's doesn't have those multi-grain waraps in your picture :( I do like all the other Fit & Active stuff I've tried though.

  3. Marie-our Aldi's just got them in - I've never seen them until this past week - so keep looking.
    Holly-you're welcome!