Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A couple of years ago, I decided to redo our laundry/bathroom.  This room is right inside our door that leads to the garage.  It is so convenient having this bathroom right inside the door.  This room holds my washer and dryer, a few overhead cabinets, a utility sink, a toilet and a sink/cabinet combo.  It is where we feed our dog, do our laundry, and keep all the cleaning supplies.  Such a small room for so many functions!  I had no idea how I wanted to decorate this room.  95% of my home has a decor of some kind of deer, foliage, or wildlife, yet  I wanted something different for this room.  I found this adorable wall paper border at Fleet Farm, and everything just kind of fell into place.

Because all of our upstairs walls have plaster, I have a hard time hanging wall paper borders, "wallies", or even the vinyl words that are so popular right now.   I had a terrible time getting this wall paper border up, and I was worried the edges would not stick, yet my friend Kim suggested I have my carpenter husband cut me thin boards to "trim" out the border.  It worked perfectly!

The same week I painted the walls (using left over paint from a downstairs room), I went to a garage sale where they were selling a lot of Americana-type knick knacks and wall hangings.  For about $10, I purchased an American flag valance and several Americana wall pieces.
  I had a heart shaped wreath and decided to copy an idea I saw at the Michael's store.  The little clothing pieces are actually stickers for scrapbooking and I "hung" them using the tiny clothes pins.  I thought the football jersey represented my older two boys, and the baby outfit represented my little ones.
  I found the cute little soap dispenser on clearance at Kohl's.

I hate doing laundry, but having a cute little bathroom like this somehow makes it bearable!

A friend of mine, Jeri, just moved into a new home.  Her walls are all painted dark, rich colors.  I have found that I like the rooms in my home best that have the darker colors - I don't know why, but the dark, rich colors "feel" better to me.  I have decided that I will paint the other rooms in my home darker colors over the next year too - probably with Jeri's help picking the colors :-).


  1. Your laundry room is adorable! I love the border and the heart wreath you made. I would think that yes-this would make doing laundry a more pleasant task!

  2. Very nice, Rhonda. Love the Americana theme and the border is so cool. Maybe I could get excited doing laundry if I had a beautifully decorated laundry room. I too am loving dark wall colors. I think it is warm and cozy. My great room is almost barn red, maybe a little browner and I love the warm color.