Monday, February 15, 2010


How was your Valentine's Day?   Ours was busy!  On Saturday, Levi and Noah helped me decorate cupcakes to donate to the Ronald McDonald House.

Well, they sort of helped.

Then, I made a special dinner for my guys on Saturday night.  I finished it off with a cute dessert:
  It is just a brownie cut out with a heart cookie cutter, then I sprinkled powdered sugar and drizzled chocolate over the plate.   I finished it off with a side of cool whip and cherry.  All the fancy desserts I ever ordered have chocolate sauce drizzled all over the plate - try it - it just says "fancy".

Dan got me some gorgeous flowers: 

And we ate at Applebee's later last night after Levi and Noah went to bed.  I was not feeling so hot, so now I wished I would have taken a rain check from my Valentine until a time I felt better.  I actually only took about 6 bites of my meal and I was really not very good company.  I'm still not feeling all that great today, but all you mothers out there know, there is no such thing as a sick day for moms. 

Share with us what you did for Valentine's Day!


  1. Even though I hate shop, I went to Butler with Jodie and Jess. They went easy on me!

    And I got Hoper a Find it game-I just now gave it to her. Did you ever see these games? Your kids would probably like them.

    Sorry you couldn't enjoy your dinner out. Hope you feel better soon! The brownie looks yummo-wish I had one right here, right now!

  2. Beautiful cupcakes and brownie. I want to try to do this with my brownies. I may make some tomorrow. Did you use Hershey's syrup or a hot fudge sauce? Very cute. Hope you feel better soon!! What a bummer.