Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My good friend, Holly, had a post on her blog today that had a photo of her and her husband back 25 years ago at our senior prom.  It brought back so many memories for me.  The lace gloves (Madonna), white nail polish, and air freshener garters (don't ask). I had to find a photo of Kevin and me the same night (however, I could not find a nice photo so the quality is a bit worn).   For fun, I added a couple others from those days of yore.

Here is my prom picture.  Please note the lace Madonna gloves and the lovely floral wreath in my hair.  Be nice - it was the 80's for crying out loud.  Yes, my dress was white - all white - looks like a wedding gown!  I think my mom paid about $15 for it - we bought it a year earlier on the clearance rack at Fashion Bug.  Now girls are paying $500 for gown and think nothing of it!  My how times have changed.

Here is a photo of me and another good friend, Dawnie.  I think we were having a picnic at Cook Forest State Park with our boyfriends.  Don't you love the hair????

This last photo is a picture of me and Holly at Dawnie's wedding.  I was having modesty issues with my dress as you can see my hand holding  the top shut.  I was several months pregnant and that dress was not maternity!  They had to do some altering for me before the wedding.  Funny how 5 years have gone by, but my hair was very much the same!

So, what do you remember about your prom or a special event from way back when?   I wonder what our children will laugh about in 20+ years when they look back on their prom/high school photos - hair styles/baggy pants on guys/super straight hair on the girls?????

Anyone else feeling old?



  1. Yes-I'm feeling quite old right about now.

    There's Kev-oh my goodness! So sweet!

    Oh the hair-my goodness. But you and Dawnie do look cute in that picture.

    I've always thought you were very photogenic, Rhonda.

    My goodness-I look stupid in that photo-it was one of my many yucky looking periods.

  2. Hey there. Haven't been on the computer for awhile so I am finally catching up. Love the picture of you and Kevin and love the picture of you and Holly, but oh my goodness, I am scary!!! Yikes. And I probably thought I looked good. Oh my. That is funny!