Thursday, May 6, 2010


Central Wisconsin may not have green rolling hills, but in the springtime, it does have forest filled with beautiful flowers.  Each spring I am amazed at the beauty of the woods surrounding my home.  It is alive with trilliums - millions of them!   The only bad thing about them is that they only last a couple of weeks  - then you have to wait another year for the beauty to return.  Makes me appreciate the spring so much!

 I just had to add the ones of my little "flowers" in there! 


  1. The trilliums are beautiful!!! I don't think we have them here in PA, do we???

    Your little "flowers" are just adorable!!!

  2. I spot a few trilliums in the woods here but they are sparse. And none nearly as cute as those two big ones you have!
    : )

  3. Very pretty!!! Love those 2 little special flowers too!!

  4. Holly, yes you do have them there - Kevin was always on the lookout for them. There are some on the hill below my parent's home. They are sparse though, as Marie said.