Saturday, May 8, 2010


As a child, we just have no idea how much our mothers do for us.   Being a mom is a full time job in and of itself - then there are some moms who work a full time job on top of that!   We give 110% for our children - we pray, sacrifice, dream, pray, work, plan, and did I mention pray for each of them.  It amazes me that I have enough love for all 4 of mine.  After I gave birth to Tyler I thought I would never feel the same love for another child, and in fact was a bit concerned about this when I was pregnant with Tanner.  Yet, when the doctor placed that beautiful screaming slimy blob on my stomach, my heart just grew.  With each new screaming, slimy blob I delivered, my heart grew more and more.  I love their similarities, their differences, their moods, and every part of them.   No one on this earth has my love, protection and devotion like these 4 boys do.

I am sure you all feel the same about your children.  There is not a doubt that being a mom is the most important job a woman can do.  I thank the Lord for allowing me to be a mom and I thank the Lord for the mom he gave me.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!


  1. You have a beautiful family!

    And happy Mother's Day to you too!

  2. Beautifully written by a beautiful mom. Happy Mother's Day. May we all feel beautiful today!
    : )

  3. Very nice, Rhonda.