Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Planting a garden

Well, we started putting the garden in this past weekend.  As much as I hate the work, I cannot deny the quality of taste in the vegetables, and I can't wait to eat the tomatoes, green beans, and peppers.  The boys love helping - the younger boys, not the older boys!

The little guys are never too busy to take a call from their Pennsylvania Pa pa!  (Does anyone remember what life was like before cell phones?)

 The older boys were at the Brewer's game in Milwaukee.  They won't pose for pictures anymore, so I have to get "action" shots.

We celebrated Ty's birthday Saturday night with steak on the grill, baked potatoes and of course, cake!  He tries so hard not to smile for his mother - but I know how to get him to laugh!  Like my clever saying on the cake?  I wanted to put "Herd you were having a birthday", but there was not enough room.
Do you notice the warm glow in these pictures?  I am using my new flash and "bouncing" the light from the ceiling!  What a difference it makes!   I LOVE MY NEW FLASH! 

So, any of you have your gardens in?  What's your favorite thing to grow?


  1. Oh my-the little boys are so cute digging in the dirt. And Noah talking to PA pa pa-priceless!

    Oh Ty-with the Amish beard! I can say it now since I remember that you mentioned it here before. Put that boy in a blue, button down, long sleeved shirt and hat-and that kid's Amish.

    I love the cake-so clever and delish I'm sure-yours always were!

  2. Oops-I forgot-nope no garden in here yet!

    Oops-and I forgot-yes your pics look great with your new flash. I bought a light scoop for Hoper's camera-but duh, I didn't read the description far enough and the flash on her camera is not powerful enough for it to be of any use. I gave it to Jodie!