Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As I mentioned a few posts ago, I am now teaching the 1-2 year old class on Sunday mornings.  I am really enjoying the kids.  I have been trying to find as many visuals as I can find to help the little ones better understand the lessons.  I recently ordered some Bible story books from ebay - they are from Arch Books and they have colorful pictures and all the pages have cute rhymes to tell the stories.

I was reading Moses and the Bronze Snake story to Levi recently.  (Numbers 21:4-9)  He was absolutely enthralled with this story - mostly because it involved poisonous snakes biting people.  The story book shows people with snake bites on their arms and legs.  

I have this terrible, awful fear of snakes - it matters not if they are poisonous or if they are no larger than a fishing worm - I hate them, fear them, and literally cannot control my actions when I come face to face with one.  My children have seen my reaction to snakes in the past and they seem to find some sort of sick amusement in constantly talking about snakes or showing me pictures of snakes in books.   So, needless to say, this story will no doubt be one of Levi's favorites for many years to come.   I was really impressed that he got the idea of the lesson, though.  When I asked him why God sent the snakes through the camp, he said "because they were grumbly".

Grumbly - or grumbling - as the NKJ version states it.  Wow-that hit home to me.  Now, I have read that story many times, but for some reason, this time I actually GOT IT!  What if God were to send snakes to my home because of my grumbling?  Yikes!  I would have been bitten many times.  (I really hope I don't have nightmares about this).  It's not that I'm always ungrateful or "grumbly", but there are days when nothing seems to go right, and then I start. . . . "I hate doing laundry", "why do I have to mow the yard again?"  "why can't these kids keep their toys picked up?"  "I am so sick of cooking and doing dishes" . . . . . you get the idea.   It seems so harmless, but in reality, I am complaining against God - the great Creator who has blessed me so much.  I have laundry to do - thank Him for having clothing and a washing machine.  I have a yard to mow - thank Him for beautiful grass and a place to live.  I have children who throw their toys around - what a blessing to have little ones and money to buy them toys.  I have to cook and do dishes - again, thankfully we have food to eat each day -  more than we should in fact!

My new goal is to not complain - to try to see things in a different way - I saw on a friend's facebook status the other day:

Today, I can complain because it's raining... or be thankful the grass is being watered for free. I can feel sad that I don't have more money...or glad my finances encourage me to plan wisely and guide me from waste. I can grumble about my health, or rejoice that I'm alive.  I can lament over all my parents don't give me, or be grateful they allowed me to be born. I can mourn my lack of friends, or excitedly embark on a quest to discover new friendships. I can whine about having to go to work, or shout for joy because I have a job. I can complain about going to school, or eagerly open my mind to rich, new tidbits of knowledge. I can resent that I must do housework, or thank God for providing me shelter for mind, body and soul. Today stretches ahead of me, waiting to be shaped. I am the sculptor. I get to choose what kind of day to make it. 

  Here are some stuffed animal snakes I purchased for .25 cents each at a garage sale - thought it would make a good reenactment lesson - the boys love it!  We just need to make our bronze snake on a pole yet to complete the story.


  1. I love this story - and the lesson!

  2. I think everybody is guilty of complaining now and then. But it is so important to sit back and count your blessings too and it sounds like you are trying to do just that!