Thursday, September 9, 2010

TGIF Photos

Posting a favorite photo each Friday was inspiration that came from Rita at CoffeeShop.  Each Friday, I am also posting a favorite photo of the week.  It was a busy week with lots going on, and it was hard to chose, so I chose 2 (I have issues, I know).  This one is just so sweet - it is exactly what a dad should be - supportive and worthy of following!   Please note the gun holster on his hip - dads should also be protective!  LOL

This is one of Noah in the pumpkin patch blowing milk weed fuzz (yes, I believe that is the scientific name:-)).   It is not a fantastic shot as the shadow is a bit dark, even after messing in PSE, but I love how his hands are outreached and how the fuzz glows in the light.
Enjoy your weekend.

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