Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long Weekends

When you don't work outside the home, one day is often the same as the next.   How sad.  However, I remember working and I remember loving long weekends.  This past Labor Day, the weather was gorgeous and we decided to go to a nearby "hill" and hike it.  It has been on our "to do" list for a while now.  The area is called Levis Mound, and for obvious reasons, we wanted to take the boys there. 

Levi kept telling us it was "his hill".  Like he discovered it or something.  He did really well on the hike and only got a bit fussy at the end.  Noah was a typical 2 year old who did not get a nap - need I say more?

There were some beautiful views of the surrounding area.  For my PA friends, this hill was high, but it was more of an optical illusion because it could not been seen until you were right there at it - so weird.  I hiked up Beautiful Lookout this past month and believe me, I was huffing a lot more than on this hill.  But, nonetheless it was an awesome day with 3 of my favorite guys.

Then we took the boys fishing on the Black River.  They were not so interested in fishing as they were with playing with worms and generally goofing off.

Do you see any resemblance here?  I thought Levi got these weird faces all on his own - but now I have proof they are from his dad. . .


  1. Oh my-how beautiful! I love that you got the pic with Levi by the Levis Mound sign. Yes-there is definitely a strong resemblance between father and son!

  2. Love your pix, Rhonda!!! They do resemble Dad for sure! Levis Mound-how sweet is that! I would think he could claim that one too!! Great to see you had an awesome fun weekend!