Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Decorating Help, Please!

This is actually a funny story.  When I married Dan in 2005, I became the co-owner of a night stand.  This night stand was given to Dan, I believe, and did not match anything either of us owned (I believe it is a French Provincial style), but it was a night stand with drawers and was very sturdy, so I was reluctant to give it away.  This night stand is now in storage and Dan has tried, unsuccessfully, to get me to sell it.  I am determined that I will do something with this stand to be able to use it and have it fit into our rustic decor.  

Fast forward to summer of 2010.  I go to a garage sale and low and behold they have a full sized head board and foot board and a large dresser with a mirror for sale.  Guess what????? It matches my night stand perfectly!  Oh my - I just had to have it.  It was fate.  Not to mention that I got all these pieces for $25!  What a deal, right????  Dan was not as enthusiastic about my purchase as I had hoped, and Tyler was even less so, as I put the headboard on his bed and found it out in the other room within the hour.  I do recall some yelling from the basement about him not being a girl. . .

Fast forward again to present - what in the world am I going to do with this French provincial style bedroom suit in a rustic cabin decorated house???   Oh dear, impulse buying is not a good thing.

So, I am now facing the dilemma of what to do with this set.  It is a white laminate with gold trim (does not go well with animal hides and fishing themes).  Please, any and all advice will be appreciated.  Things you should know:

1) I do have experience painting laminate and I know you must use a special primer.

2) I am not against using black

3) I am the mother of 4 boys and this will inevitably be in one of their bedrooms, so anything "feminine" is out of the question.

That being said. . . . . PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!  Will paint even solve the problem?  I mean, there are a lot of curves and designs on it that paint won't cover - perhaps black leather on the headboard?   I just don't know and I need some expert opinions.

Here are some photos:


  1. Okay-I think you guys should go ahead and try for a girl-you'll be all set! HA-just kidding.

    Could Dan possibly take the curves off the top of the dresser with some kind of tool-I know he has tools! And if you could take the curvy pieces of wood off the top drawers-I think that would make it more masculine. Masculine hardware and black paint will help too! I'm looking at the head board and it kinda of looks like two bull heads with horns on there-how about painting it to look like some bulls! Hehe-just kidding. I think the BLACK leather and a staple gun could be the answer.

    You can do it-I know you can!!!

  2. Okay, I love it just the way it is and tell your sons that some day they will marry lovely ladies that will love things like this so you are conditioning them for when the time comes. Just kidding. I love Holly's ideas. Nothing paint and hardware probably wouldn't fix. You got a darn good bargain so tell Dan that he should be proud of you!!!

  3. Hey... I think once you get some better hardware it will help the look alot. I would try to get Dan to cut the bottom of the dresser off straight...take off the wood decorations on the top row of drawers...and paint the whole thing. I would go black...but I am on a black kick lately. I don't think the top will be too bad with the curves once the other items are changed. As for the headboard...I think covering it is the way to go. Good luck!