Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Feelin' Frappe

I have found a new drug - a frappe!  This all started when my mother made me a frappe in her new Mr. Coffee Frappe machine.  My mother is such a trendy gal ;-).  Anyway, I thought only to humor her and did not think I would like it - after all, I'm not a coffee drinker.  Boy was I wrong!   I love them!  I crave them!  I want a Frappe machine!  Too bad they cost $70.  So, I figured I would enjoy an occasional frappe from McD's.  They are really good too and only cost about $2 - an occasional treat, right?  Well, after I checked out the nutritional value in one, I decided against it!  Wow-a whopping 550 calories.  What to do, what to do. . . . . 

My frappe salvation - Hungry Girl!!!!  She has several frappe recipes that are copy cat versions of Starbucks with very few calories (and WW points).  I thought I would try this one.  It seemed easy enough to do and I already own a blender, so no major expenses!  However, after I got Tanner hooked on the caramel version from McD's, he was reluctant to try a Hungry Girl recipe - especially in vanilla (go figure:-)).  So, I took this HG recipe and converted it into a caramel version.  It is honestly just as good as the McD's - no joke!  Even Tanner was impressed and gave me a high 5.  As a mother of all boys, it is good to find something you can enjoy with your sons other than football, Star Wars, and hunting.

Here is my recipe:

Caramel Frappe

4 oz. light vanilla soymilk
1 oz. fat free coffeemate liquid creamer - caramel vanilla flavor
2 tsp. instant coffee
3 tsp. ff vanilla coffeemate powder dissolved in 1 oz. warm water
1 oz. vanilla (or caramel) flavored syrup - sugar free
2 pts. Stevia
1 cup crushed ice
1 squirt ff caramel ice cream topping

whip it up in your blender and if you want it to look "fancy" like the McD's, add a spray of ff whip cream and a drizzle of the ff caramel topping.   
This makes 1 large or 2 small frappes - the whole thing is only 2 points! 
I am so happy about this find and I plan to do some experimenting to make different flavors.  I'll report my findings here!


  1. I'm so 'frappe' for you!!!

    I thought you must have gotten a machine after I read on facebook that you duplicated the McD's version. (Dawnie got one and loves it.) It looks delish!!!!!

  2. Oh that girl! I thought she might end up getting one - she seemed pretty excited about them the day she was up at mom's!

  3. Yes, I did get one. I was having a really bad day and I needed a pick me up so I purchased one. I love it though I haven't made as many as I would like. I am off tomorrow though and am going to have one when I get up. YEEHAW> My Aunt Judy loved it when I made her one. I bought some pumpkin spice creamer at Aldi's and want to try a caramel pumpkin one. Very fallish. I love that trendy Mom of yours. Tell her to keep me posted on what awesome new trend she happens on. I think we are kindred spirits!!

  4. Mmmm! make me one too, I'll be right over!
    : )

  5. Dawnie-good for you! I'll tell mom-she'll be happy to hear you think she's trendy. LOL
    Marie-that would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!