Friday, June 4, 2010

Late Mother's Day/Early Father's Day

Here is my wonderful present (and Dan's too) from Tanner.  He made this in his shop class and purchased all wood and supplies from his own funds.  I love it - it is my new end table in my living room!  I will cherish it always.  Aren't the best presents the ones our children make for us - whether it be a pottery mug that won't hold water, a votive holder with gobs of paint, or a beautiful end table.


  1. how beautiful.....patrick made alot of nice things last year.....some things this year....they are mine forever.....(note to future wife......YOU ARE NOT GETTING THEM.)have i told you i love your kids.

  2. Oh, I did not think of future wife. I need to have him write on the bottom "To mom, Love Tanner" or something like that so it will be marked with my name!

  3. Wonderful gift made with LOVE (I'm sure) by his own two hands. He's a great kid:)