Friday, June 4, 2010

Crazy times

Children are a lot of work - don't even consider how much time you spend washing clothes, cleaning up, shopping for them, cooking for them. . . . think about the time you spend correcting them, teaching them, playing with them, yelling at them giving gentle verbal correction, and answering their questions.  Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed.  I honestly don't know how people homeschool without going crazy.   I know the years pass quickly and I must make the most of each moment, but sometimes it is so hard!  Anyone got any advice/suggestions on how to not feel so frazzled by the end of the day?

Here are some recent shots of my boys playing.  A rare few moments when I can sit on the ground and just take pictures!   I love the action shots!

I think this is just precious.

Ty is doing his "Timeless art of seduction" pose (Seinfeld)
That's Dan's brother, Paul, playing with the boys in the sprinklers. 


  1. it is crazy isnt it.....but by the looks of your rewards it is sooooo worth it....your little ones are adorable, however, those two older ones just tug at my heart.....i guess, well you know......they remind me sooo much of my gem of a young man.......and i mean GEM.

  2. Aw thanks. Yes, I know your young man (and woman) is a GEM. I sometimes wonder how I got so lucky to have such nice young men.

  3. Has nothing to do with luck...
    : )

  4. Yes-it has everything to do with their mommy and daddy!

  5. One thing that helps me, Rhonda, is listening to Contemporary Christian music through the day when I am home with them. On our TV, we have a channel that plays it 24 hours a day and it has a calming effect on me. It really helps. I find myself singing those songs throughout the day and it keeps my spirits lifted. It's great background "noise" while I'm doing things around the house.