Friday, October 30, 2009


I sometimes feel guilty for celebrating Halloween.  If you look at the history, it really is not a nice holiday for a Christian.  Yet, I try to keep things fun and not really look at the history.  After all, in my childhood, I never once thought of worshiping the devil because I dressed up on Oct. 31 and begged for candy from my neighbors and family (who usually did not give out apples, thankfully).

Here is a walk down memory lane. . . .   This is Ty and Tanner - don't have a year, but they were dressed like King David and King Josiah (I believe Ty was 8, because he was King Josiah, that makes Tanner 5).   These were the days that I actually got creative and sewed a costume.  Wow-hard to believe I was ever that ambitious.

here is Tyler before a Cub Scout party - he is Zorro.  I have more of Ty in my computer right now because I had scanned a lot of his pictures for the music DVD I made him for graduation. (Sorry Tanner).

This little peanut is my great niece, Naomi. I took this picture of her a couple of weeks ago.  I just think it is adorable.  Love the costume.

Levi and Noah from last Halloween - Levi is a pirate and in case you can't tell, Noah is a lion.  I don't have a picture yet from this year's costumes, so stay tuned. . . .

Here is one of Ty from 1st grade.  They had a pumpkin decorating contest and he made a pumpkin snowman.  He won 1st prize, I might add.   The snowman is holding a sign that says "snowballs for sale" and he has a bag of marshmallows.  The idea was our neighbor's and it turned out pretty cute.

It is hard to believe that all these years have passed - so many trick or treats in New Bethlehem and around the Limestone neighborhood.  Wow-they sure do grow up fast!

Well, for all of you moms out there still making costumes and having to buckle everyone up to go trick or treating - stay calm and when you get home, help yourself to some of the kid's candy - after all, you deserve it!   For all you moms whose babies have grown and you don't do the trick or treat thing, buy yourself some candy and enjoy it because you deserve it!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but LIVE TODAY!


  1. Oh-the memories.

    Time stands still for no one!

    I love your thought for the day and I agree with it very much!☺

  2. ohhhh my gosh tooo cute. i should really dig out some of those memories. where on earth does time go? btw i had the best halloween yet, last night. i drove and my girl and her friend dressed up(ALL BY THEMSELVES)with what was in our closets, no preparation at all from me. i was the driver...i stopped they got out, i waited, and drove again. last stop, grammy bairs and then i got out, visited and listened to 2 girls trade candy and giggle like there was no tomorrow. while this was going on, i looked on moms fridge, a kindergarten picture of jessica .....ohhhh how time does not stand still for nooooo one. how sweeet your kids are. that tyler...that tyler....ohhh my they are so much alike. sweeeet. love it.