Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!

Okay, so I don't have a bear here, but I hope you all had a fun Halloween. Here are my little Lion and Tiger.

We took the little guys to a few family members' houses to beg for candy tonight, then we went to a nice part of Marshfield and walked a few blocks.  These people were fun!  Almost everyone was out on their porch or in their yard and was dressed up - they even dressed up their pets.  I think I had as much fun as Levi did.  Noah was just not feeling in a festive mood today - he was sick most of the night, and although he felt better today, he was tired from his routine being messed up.  It is tough being almost 2.

Anyway, tomorrow is our monthly church potluck.  We do our potluck a little differently from most, and I have to say, I really like it.  We ladies make up a menu each month and list the stuff people can bring.  That way, the other ladies just sign up for something listed and we are guaranteed to not have 4 potato salads, 3 baked beans and no meat!   Tomorrow's menu is Sloppy Joes (or "Barbecue"-that's what they call it here).  I am bringing cheesy potatoes and a dessert I call "Cookie Dough Brownies".  Here is the link to the recipe. If you are like most people I know and love cookie dough, you will LOVE this recipe.  My mom and I made this for a potluck one time she was here visiting.  We had to make the cookie dough part twice because we could not stop "sampling" it :-).   As it goes now, I just always double the cookie dough part anyway, because I find from experience, it is what most of the people like the best.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:   Make each day a memory - you never know, it might be the last memory you get to make.


  1. boys are so cute!

    The cookie dough brownies sound wonderful.

    Love your thought for the day!☺

  2. eating cookie dough, OH MY!!! was that us? Or the boys? (laughing) quack,quack!!

  3. Hi Rhonda your boys are soo cute in their costumes. Ilove your thought for the days and I just read through all of your posts since Holly just told me about your blog. The Pioneer woman's Caramel Apple cinnamon rolls are delicious and I like the blog it has alot of easy and cheap recipes.

  4. Hi Jess, welcome to my blog. Thanks for reading it - it is kind of lame. Thanks for the recipe ideas too.

    Hi Mom-yes, it was we who ate the cookie dough stuff-I'll never forget it.

  5. Noah looks like a sad Tigger,,he must not be feeling good, but anyway, I need a picture of them in there Lion and Tiger suits. ;~).