Wednesday, October 28, 2009


For those of you who don't know who Sticky Man is, don't feel badly. It is actually a made up name. Here is a picture of a Sticky Man. Sticky Man came into existence this past Sunday. I bought these sticky things through Oriental Trading Express - you know the place I mean - they have all these cool things for teachers and for moms who want to buy things for their kid's birthday party, etc. Anyway, I got like a gazillion stick men for $5. I bought them for my Bible school class. I'm always looking for things to give them as prizes for learning their memory verses (they do very well, I might add). Anyhow, Noah is not in my class, but because he is my baby and because he told me who was thrown into the lion's den (Daniel), I gave him one. He and his brother have spent hours, literally, throwing these little things on the wall and watching them "walk" back down. Who knew this could be so entertaining? Anyway, Noah started calling him "Sticky Man". Now, Noah is only 22 months old and he can talk pretty well, but still it is so stinkin' cute when he says "Sticky Man". He is so attached to this little thing that he holds it all day long, sleeps with it and cries if Sticky Man gets lost or stuck up high on the wall and won't come back down! See how sad :-( However, when I retrieve Sticky Man, Noah is one happy camper (even though he won't look at the camera).

So, the reason for today's post? Well, all this happiness over Sticky Man made me think about what makes me happy. It is just a given that God and my family are at the top of the list, but what else makes me feel warm and fuzzy? Here are a few things that I enjoy on a semi-regular basis: an instant cappuccino from Quick Trip (Sheetz if I'm in the east), a really good book (like Harry Potter or Twilight), getting on the scale and seeing a weight loss, taking a fantastic photo of someone - capturing that great moment, having all the laundry totally caught up, having clean floors, buying new undergarments, making a list and crossing off every single item, and currently my new fix is a diet Mt. Dew/strawberry slushy (thanks to Holly). These are just a few things I could think of quickly. So, what turns your frown upside down? What is that one thing (or few things) that really puts a skip in your step and gets you through the day?

Thought for the day: Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always. . .


  1. Well, since you asked....I enjoy hot tea, hot baths, watching it snow from inside my warm house, vintage sheets, House, reading blogs, my house when it's all cleaned up (not often), a day with nothing that has to be done, a rare hug from my girl, stacks of books and quilts.

    Thanks for asking!

    Loving your blog.☺

    PS-Noah is a cutie!