Thursday, August 26, 2010

TGIF Photos

Disclaimer:  I know it is not Friday yet, but I won't be home tomorrow, so I'm posting a day early!

I was playing around in PSE again.  Honest, I was not wasting time, I had my house tidied up and was waiting for the grass to dry off so I could mow - push mow!  Anyway, can you tell I feel a bit guilty for being on the computer???  
Here is a favorite photo of mine, and I was doing some editing to see what effects I liked best.  This photo just screams "innocence" to me.  And who can resist those little behinds in their Levi jeans????  Not this mama!  I am posting my favorite photo of the week each Friday (or Thursday) since I've been inspired by Rita from the Coffeeshop blog.


  1. It does scream innocence! Your boys are so sweet. Love it!

  2. This is adorable, Rhonda!!! Very nice! Isn't it great to see them Love each other! I love when my boys have those moments together! It touches my heart.

  3. Beautiful photo, perfect editing. Sweet, sweet memories!
    : )