Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Blooms

These are some of my perennials planted around our property.
They make me happy just looking at them.
                                 I think this is prairie primrose.

                                       Tiger Lily, of course.

                                             Hens and chicks.
                                            Golden Sundrop

                       Asiatic lily of some kind - love the pink color.

                                  Some kind of perennial grass.

                        Garden Angel - keeping the snakes away!

If you look closely at the last one, you can see some weeds in there too - oops!

I'll bet the Garden of Eden was beautiful.  Flowers, fruit trees, rivers, no weeds, no bugs, oh, but I forgot - there was a snake!


  1. Beautiful perennials!

    Eve just had to go and eat that apple, didn't she?

  2. Love your flowers! I just weeded earlier. I hate that job!